About Jeff Robinson

My name is Jeff Robinson and I’m a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant specializing in muscle building program and bodybuilding information.  I am certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  

I have developed the Optimum Muscle Development Program for clients wishing build a lean, muscular physique.  This specialized muscle building program is designed to safely and effectively help clients build lean muscle in a sensible and safe manner, while maximizing their genetic potential.  One of my first and most revolutionary products is the Advanced Hypertrophy Calf Training program.  This program is not a routine or workout, but is a totally comprehensive program for putting size on your stubborn calf muscles. 

I have over 40 years of strength and bodybuilding training.  I stay abreast of the latest scientific research and accepted practices in the area of building muscle, losing body fat, nutrition and supplementation.  My experience and my scientific approach guarantees that my programs will get results in a safe and effective manner.

Yours in Fitness and Health,

Jeffry E. Robinson
Fitness Consultant
Certified Personal Trainer
Muscle Building Specialist
Fat Loss Expert
Resultz Personal Training
Destin, Florida
850-654-4784 office phone

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