How Big Can You Build Your Calves?

Since calf training can be grueling, you’ve probably wondered if it’s worth all the effort, especially if size gains are less than your expectations.  At some point, I’m sure you’ve probably asked: “How big can I get my calves?” or “What’s a realistic calf size for me?”  Well, there’s no precise method to determine your maximum calf size since there are so many variables such as your genetics, age, gender, bone size, body type (somatype) and muscle fiber distribution.  However, there are two methods you can use to obtain “ball-park” estimates of your maximum calf size. 

Greek Proportion Method – This method is developed from the classical Greek proportions for a male.  With this method, your neck size, arm size and calf size should be nearly the same dimension.  If you have fully developed your arms, then it’s possible that you could use your arm size as an estimated maximum calf size.  Therefore, if you have 17″ arms, then it’s possible that your calf size could be around 17″ according to this method. 

Bone Size Method – Your bone size is one indicator of how much muscle mass you can build.  This method uses your wrist bone size.  Measure your wrist girth right above the bony protrusion and multiply your wrist measurement times 2.34 to get an estimated calf size.  For instance, if you have a wrist girth of 7″ then: 7″ x 2.34 = 16.4″ calf size potential. 

If you use these two methods, then you’ll probably get two slightly different estimated girths.  However, you’ll have a range or order of magnitude to use to establish your calf size goals.  You may be able to achieve more than the estimated size or not.  However, at least, you have something to base your expectations on and set your goals.

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